Digital Wedding Invitations

Create easily digital wedding invitations and enjoy with the perfect invitation for your completely personalized event. Digital wedding invitations can be viewed on your mobile, shared via whatsapp and modified at any time - they are the digital innovation for the wedding industry!create digital wedding invitations elegant, effortless and with the confidence of a professional follow-up service. You can send online wedding invitations directly to your family and friends with Kolibird. Do you want to design your own wedding invitation? Or would you like to customize a template? Whichever you choose, you will get it digital wedding invitations exclusive and designed following elegant, traditional, modern, contemporary, vintage or whatever style you like. But above all, unique online wedding invitations that fit your style perfectly. It is possible to design every last detail of your dream day with our personalized wedding invitationsThe style of your wedding is taking shape. Every detail has been taken care of to perfection. And yet, a wedding begins to be experienced by family and friends as soon as the wedding invitations are sent outdigital wedding invitations you will begin to convey to the guests what the ceremony will consist of. In Kolibird we have digital wedding invitations for all styles. Rustic, elegant, dynamic, vintage, original, sober. Whatever style you like the most, wedding invitations online that we have on our website are fully customizable.

What are digital wedding invitations?

A digital wedding invitation or online wedding invitations are digital, paperless formats of wedding event invitations. It is a digital image of an invitation that can be sent via messaging, email, whatsapp or QR code to all ceremony guests. In Kolibird we are specialists in digital wedding invitation design, as we offer all users a wide range of invitations in a variety of styles, fully customizable, which can incorporate features such as RSVP, ceremony location or wedding venue, guest comments, wedding gift list and morevirtual wedding invitations are a convenient and original alternative to traditional wedding invitations. They have no space limitations on paper and allow you to incorporate more information interactively. They are fully customizable.

Customized digital wedding invitations

Include your favorite colors, elements according to the theme of the wedding, the languages you want, and little finishing touches to make them unique, you can do whatever you want!online catalog of wedding invitations and choose the design you love. The latest advances in the wedding segment, together with digital innovation, make it possible to have transgressive functions for customize a wedding invitation It is not only possible to incorporate the typography you like, the images you want to share with your guests, the colors or the design. In the digital wedding invitations it is possible to incorporate elements in qr code or links that will keep you in direct contact with all your guests. The online wedding invitations are the ultimate representation of exclusivity. Even if they are based on a specific template, custom designs and modifications will make it a unique digital wedding invitation

Advantages of digital wedding invitations

At Kolibird we offer you digitally designed wedding invitations adapted to the tastes of each couple, you can incorporate actions such as RSVP through a link!

Guest attendance form

An RSVP form will help you to have the wedding organized from the first moment. It is, without a doubt, one of the best tools to help the couple to have everything ready on the day of the ceremony. Even last minute absences will be reflected as the functionality of the invitations allows you to update the changes in real time. Nothing more convenient than having an updated wedding guest list at any time.

Compatible with any platform

Digital wedding invitations can be shared on any type of platform or device. This invitation format consists of a link that you can send to your guests through the system of your choice. You can send the link via WhatsApp in a virtual envelope, or add the link address in an email or SMS. Many couples choose to combine paper invitations with digital wedding invitations. It simply involves generating a QR code that allows you to read the invitation and print that code on a card and send it to guests. The advantage of being able to share digital wedding invitations through any platform is that you can also announce the big day through a Telegram group or upload the link to Social Networks to share with everyone the date of the happiest event of your lives.

Virtual communication service

You will be able to stay in touch with your guests through an easy-to-use messaging chat, through which they will be able to ask their questions and register last minute changes easily. Collecting guest data has never been easier. Each person attending the wedding will not only confirm their attendance, but will also inform you of any food intolerances or particularities that you should consider on the day.

Guest surveys

This service of direct communication with the people who will attend your wedding will allow you to make surveys to know their preferences. If you do not decide on a menu and you have doubts about what will be to the liking of the guests, you can raise the consultation to the consensus of the attendees. And not only the menu. Your family and friends can make requests such as what song they would like to hear the day of the wedding or if they need to request accommodation for that day in case you celebrate the wedding in a hotel.

Save time and money

A wedding is an expensive event. And one of the ways to save money and time (which means saving even more money) is to simplify the planning and resort to digital wedding invitations. More and more couples are turning to digital wedding invitations because of the many benefits of using online wedding invitations and the ease of managing the event. Compared to paper invitations, digital invitations will allow you to save a lot of money, since you will avoid printing and shipping costs. In addition, you will avoid spending a lot of time delivering the invitations by hand and possible delivery errors due to not having the postal address of all the guests. Nowadays everyone has a cell phone with SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram or email, so it is easier to locate all the guests included in your list. You will also save response time. The digital format allows for an immediate response back, rather than having to resort to a free moment to call and confirm. And there's more. The time to go to the wedding invitation design company, agree on the details with the printer and everything that involves the development of traditional invitations will be reduced to a few clicks. With digital wedding invitations you will save a lot of time that you can devote to other aspects of the celebration.

Original wedding invitations

If you have doubts about whether you will like digital wedding invitations or whether your guests will find them original, don't hesitate any longer. Think that traditional invitations cannot incorporate elements as beautiful as online wedding invitations. Digital invitations for events can incorporate movements, light and color games and even songs. Not only will you be able to organize information regarding the link in this wedding invitation template, but you can also create anticipation by incorporating beautiful design elements. With all the advantages of digital wedding invitations that we have explained, there are many reasons to choose this option over traditional invitations. However, if you still have doubts, there are some features that will interest you to know to choose this format over any other option. The updates and modifications you want to make are immediate, and will not constitute added expenses by having to reprint the invitations. They will allow guests to synchronize the event with their personal online calendars and you will be able to add a reminder as the date approaches. You will be able to incorporate directions through Google Maps so that guests don't get lost and everyone arrives on time to your "I do". You will have instant information about the wedding gifts that have been chosen and you can incorporate a link for guests who decide to send you money, either by Bizum, PayPal or bank transfer. Guests will also be able to know the layout of the tables and the place where they will be seated by incorporating a digital plan of the ceremony space. And, in addition, once the event has taken place, all the people attending the wedding will be able to upload their photos in a shared wedding album, the images of your special day in real time!

Digital wedding invitations in Kolibird

For everything to go well, you have to do things right. And even more so when it comes to something as special as a wedding. You can see how easy and useful it is to design digital wedding invitations. And to make it even easier, Kolibird will help you at all times to set up your online wedding invitations and make the most of this great way to announce your day of love.